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Sandstone Landscapes: Diversity, Ecology and Conservation

14 - 20 September, 2002
Doubice in Saxonian-Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic


Lectures, posters and abstracts


The conference language will be English. In the nature conservation section the talks can be presented both in English (preferably) and German. Posters can be presented in English (preferably), German or French. There will be no interpretation during the conference. The conference documents will be in English.


The length of lectures (oral presentations) will be 15 min. + 5 min. discussion.

A slide projector, an overhead projector, a data projector and a video will be available in the conference rooms. If you intend to use a video projection, please let us know by mail in advance.

If you are going to use a data projector, please bring a CD with your presentation with you; the presentation should be either in MS PowerPoint format (preferably) or as a set of html files. There will be no possibility of projecting directly from your own computer.

If you use slides or data projection, please give the organizers your presentation at least at the beginning of the last break before your talk is scheduled. If you have your presentation on the first day in the morning, please leave us the presentation already at the registration.


The size of the poster boards will be 80 (width) x 100 cm. Pins and tapes to mount the posters will be available. The authors of posters will have possibility of presenting their posters during poster sessions.


Book of abstracts will be available for downloading on this conference website  on the 5th September at the latest. Each participant will be given a printed version at the registration.

Conference proceedings

We intend to publish the conference presentations (both lectures and posters) in a book of conference proceedings, preliminarily in 2003. The details will be discussed during the conference.