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Sandstone Landscapes: Diversity, Ecology and Conservation

14 - 20 September, 2002
Doubice in Saxonian-Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic

Conclusions of the conference

First, it seems that there is a need for contacts and future co-operation among sandstone regions and scientists working in these regions. Clearly, there is a kind of a (yet!) invisible sandstone community which we would very much like to get established more firmly.

Therefore, we established a database of both people and institutions dealing with sandstones and sandstone landscapes.

We would very much appreciate your kind help in searching for further people or institutions that might be also interested in being included.

See more at: Sandstone community

Please send all information about new contacts of further potential members of the sandstone community to

Second, there was an (almost) unanimous agreement at the conference that a "sandstone website" should be established.  You will find this new website on

Third, there was decided to organize the second European conference on sandstone landscapes in Luxembourg. You can find more at the website of the symposium in Luxembourg in 2005.

Finally, as discussed at the final session of the conference in Doubice, we envisage publishing a book based on the Sandstone Landscapes conference. This book should consist not only of papers presented in Doubice, but we plan to invite also for more general papers, particularly from European sandstone regions not represented in Doubice. The book should be published  in early 2005.

We would very much appreciate your comments on the ideas above - particularly such that were not discussed at the final session of the conference.

Best wishes


Handrij Härtel, Tomáš Herben, Václav Cílek




As the 2002 conference website will remain as a documentation of this conference, there is still possibility to send us your presentation or poster in electronic form to be present at this website. The conference presentation can be sent as it is (i.e. DOC, RTF, PPT, PDF...) per e-mail to (Oldřich Holešinský) up to the size of 2 MB. Bigger files must be uploaded on a FTP or web server (please send the server address to Or they can be put in a shared folder (file directory) or CD-ROM (then send IP address of the computer and the NAME of the shared folder). In case of troubles please ask your technician.

Finally, you can find also the photos from the conference in Doubice at this website.